Digital Health CollaborativeCuradite is a medication adherence company dedicated to helping patient, caregivers and the healthcare community improve patient outcomes. By leveraging the latest Internet of Things technology advances to provide a seamless system to for managing a patient’s medication regimen, Curadite provides a unique solution that combines intelligent packaging, real-time dashboards, helpful education and personal mentoring. At Curadite we believe you should not worry when someone you love forgets

Dennis McNannay, CEO, [email protected]


HealthSaasHealthSaaS is an innovative leader in healthcare interoperability solutions that enable meaningful exchange of patient-driven data. Our cloud‐based IoT services provide health IT companies, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies and home health organizations with a secure, vendor‐neutral infrastructure that provides just in time data to facilitate early interventions and reduce readmissions for chronic condition patients. HealthSaaS provides easy to use telehealth connectivity solutions for patients who have diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, COPD and asthma.

Frank Ille, CEO, [email protected]


  Solutional works with teams to understand the solutions those teams offer, and then work to perfect their strategy, refine their technology, and take their product to market. has experience in internet and computer security, telecom and mobile, IC design and production, and user experience design and implementation for hardware and software solutions.

James Dirksen, CEO, [email protected]



Health Technology Innovations helps our clients master new technologies in the space where medical research, healthcare, and computing intersect. We bridge the gap between healthcare and new information technologies with expert consulting, software development and integration of advanced telecommunications and information services. HTI partners have extensive experience in distributed computing technologies, cloud computing and machine learning technologies. Our network also includes experts in medical research, health care, and program development to help deliver these solutions.

Tuan Phamdo, Principal Partner,